"Here is a test to make sure your life is complete, if your not in Renegade it isn't" - Jake Granitewave
"Individually, we are one drop. In Renegade, we are an ocean"- Smartblonde
"When I think of Renegade, only one word comes to mind: Awesome."- Falcon



                                        Speed Combat

This tournament consists of teams you choose to see who can finish the dungeon the fastest!

Heres how it works, A team of 3 is formed by either one person or the whole group chooses the team, Now you can choose any combat job you want, and can do anything in there. I am also in your group, so you have to fight with me but i dont really fight, i am just there to judge :P I time you guys to kill everybody in the least time possible. You can use potions and orbs, pretty much everything to keep you alive in the game to save time except hacks or glitches. I time you guys and who ever is the fastest of all the teams wins 15,000 coins!!!! Every person gets 5k coins

You guys also get recognition in the Renegade Hall of Fame and Front page news!!!!! So look down for all the info :)


Speed Combat:
- No hacks or Glitches maybe used
- Only 1 try per team
- All orbs and potions are acceptable
- All weapons are acceptable
- All Combat Jobs are acceptable
- No changing combat jobs in game
- You need to kill all the monsters in the dungeon
- Only teams of 3 please
- I need to be judging as in your group watching you guys fight
- Dont get mad if you lose
- Sign up before July 1st!!!!!
- And Have fun!!!!!!


Renegade Parties
No Spamming
Invite all your friends
Have Fun, but don't start spamming anything, especially this that put other guilds down like renegade is better than any other guild or other stuck-up stuff
Bring Music if possible
Bring Fireworks if possible
Most parties will be open to anybody, so try to invite as many no spamming friends as possible

Renegade Tournaments
Only Prize is having fun and bragging rights
NO Potions or Orbs are Allowed
You can use SC Weapons
You must contact Jay Nightblade with a whisper before day of tournament to enter,
Tournament for Warrior and Brawler in one bracket, and all the other jobs in another bracket, you can enter both brackets if you want, but only one job per bracket (no switching)
If less than 10 people sign up for a bracket, it won't have a tournament
Make sure you show up on time, we will wait five minutes max
Each person will duel each other 3 times and determine the winner from best out of those three
Lagging is not excuse, you and your opponent can work out a system, but they Do Not have to work around it,
Usually tournaments will be double elimination unless said otherwise, so if you lose your still in it till you lose a second time
If you are found cheating or glitching, you will be warned if it's on accident or kicked from events and maybe other actions if found to be on purpose
After winning two out of the 3 matches against somebody, you must whisper Jay Nightblade telling him that you won, also whisper him to tell him if you lost
Tournaments will now be posted in the discussions, you have to reply to that discussion or contact Jay Nightblade to enter
Capture the Flag (dueling)
*To win you have to get to the other teams "flag"
No teleporting at except to the nearest town
When attacking the other teams territory, if seen you will have to battle the other person or the group they are with:
-the battles are to the last man standing, you have to get rid of the whole other teams group and same person can only duel after everybody else does,
-you Can use orbs and potions when in battle
-you Can't change jobs once the game starts
-the losers (if defending) are "dead" for five minutes (standing still, no talking at all or movements, try to keep accurate time, we will know if you start really early
-the losers (if attacking) have to walk back to thewarp stonethey came from and teleport back to their territory, they Can defend that place but can't attack for five minutes
-Remember this is just for fun, if you come to a disagreement because of a glitch, just duel again and one of you record the match if you really want to prove your point, but don't lie about losing and don't start real fights
This also will be in the discussions, same rules to enter
Team 4A (attacking), with 4 people, are spotted by team 2D (defending), which has 2 people. So team 2D calls out to the enemy that they have spotted team 4A and they have to battle, so they each pick a person for who will duel for that group, team 2D lost that first match, so they still can't call for back up because nobody won in that group, team 4A won that first battle so that group just whispered for more people to attack, now team 2D just won their second match, so they now whisper that they need back up. But in the third match, the last person on team 2D lost before backup arrived, so the group 4A moves on into their territory (but the person who lost has to go back) and group 2D now has to be "dead" for five minutes... etc, etc, same thing for other matches

Capture the Flag (Paintball)
-The same objective as the other CTF, get the other teams "flag" which can be a place, party crate, anything decided before-hand and then you win
-The Paintball will be silly string, snowballs, and/or something else that the teams have decided on
-When attacking other teams territory (decided before-hand where it is) if your hit (any close calls counts as both people being hit) then you are taken prisoner and have to wait in a "jail" which is a place also decided before by both teams as that teams jail
-When your defending your territory and your hit, you are "dead" for 5 minutes, approximately, and can not talk and you have to switch to medic job to show that you are dead (no being medic unless your dead)
-If you have no string that doesn't mean you get to take a break, you can leave the game at any time, but don't try to halt the game because you don't have string
-No teleporting out of your opponents territory or into their your territory or your opponents. You can only teleport out of your territory into a no-mans territory, one that is neither your opponents or your's, or out of a territory that is nobody to another territory that belong to nobody

-The Paintball will be silly string, snowballs, and/or something else that the teams have decided on
-Teams can be any number of people but will usually be people in a group
-It will be a every group for themselves or everybody for themselves, and can be just for fun which is hitting till your out of "paint" or after getting hit you are out of the game for a couple minutes
-Will be stationed in a predetermined area that people can not leave
-No teleporting while playing

Guild Olympics
Scavenger Hunt-
-Each place you have to find will be named like adventure coins are and you will have to use the names of the coins to find their locations
-Each place will have a person at it to identify it's location
Ex. Royal Treasures- this will be at the sanctuary vault where there is the one troll there to help you recognize it as a location and not a random place
-After finding one, whisper Jay Nightblade to have him confirm if you are at it's location
-Each place you find will be worth 3 points towards the overall points that you will earn in the Olympics
-You are allowed to look for them in groups but do not tell anybody besides the people in your group, such as saying where it is on the guild chat, remember if every knows where it is, they all get the points
-It will be a free-for-all fight with either silly string, snowballs, or something as "paint"
-No teleporting allowed and it will be held within a set location such as memorial caverns
-Each time you hit somebody is one point, remember to tell Jay Nightblade how many hits you got and please do not lie
-We will have ref's going around while you guys are playing so they will know who was getting the most hits and what the average amount was
-If there are any close calls and a ref is around, they make the judgement, and if there isn't anybody around, don't waste time to fight, just have you both getting hit or make an agreement that you both won't count the others hit so neither of you are counted as hit
-After being hit, go "dead" for two minutes (change into medic job) or go back to the beginning of the territory (no teleporting) and then your alive again
-Any job can be used and "foul play" is encouraged such as hitting ppl with snowballs, putting boom boxes in front of ppl, etc
-Absolutely No teleporting at all
-Refs will be at different teleporting spots along the way and if your found to be cheating, then your out
-The races will take place from one place to another such as Briarwood Warpstone to the Tanglewood fort
-1st place is 9 points, 2nd place is 7 pt, 3rd place is 5 pt, 4th place is 3 points, and 5th-10th place are 1 points

Card Dueling-

-This will take place on your own time, not during the day or a specific time for the Olympics

-You can only count one of the tournaments that you do in the trading card game, just wait for one of the trading card game tournaments that happen like 3 or 4 times a day and then join it, it last 3 hours and each win you get is one point

-When you tell us your points for this, tell me which day you did and which session you did, 1st/2nd/3rd/etc


-We will hold a contest for different categories on Housing

-To make it far, Housing and Apartments will be judged in different categories

-The different prizes are Best Overall, Most Creative, Favorite Part (which is whoever has the single best part of a house, not a whole design), and Most Fun

-9pt will be given for 1st place/ 7pt for 2nd place/ 5pt for 3rd place/ 3pt for 4th place

*These are the max points you will earn, judges can give you less points for your place if you won from lack of competition or they don't believe your design is worth that even if you won that place

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