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Prayer Requests Request a Prayer

 If you want prayer, and its something related to your life. Please post here :D

It will be kept confidential if you want. And i will personally pray for you. You could be kept anonymous because God knows who you are :D

My brothers in arms

over a year ago by F3AREDxSPETSNAZ Pray for me
3 of my friends thats joined in the miltary died about 1 year ago.I was too young to join at that time but i feel that if i went into service with them,i would have shared the same fate.I hope anyone could pray for my friend Max,Andre,and Leon who died fighting for their country.I swear that i will find out who executed them and bring them to justice.I only ask for extra support to keep me safe and keep the memory of my friends alive.

2011.. Worst year yet.

over a year ago by Jamie Pray for me
Hi you guys, On New Year's Eve, I had something horrible happen to me. Someone so close, that they were like me. My friend Cindy died of food poisoning. Her son made her a meatball type food, which was excellent, but the day after, she died. How do you think her son feels, like he killed her. But he didn't. Let's pray for Cindi's son, Chris, and hopefully he'll get though his life as good as he can.


over a year ago by Kori Pray for me
Well, let's just all pray for everyone in the world, no matter who they are. Let's pray for those who have lost someone important, or those who have family problems, or for those who need shelter or food or maybe even a companion. Everyone needs prayers everyday. If you know someone who needs Jesus, pray for them day and night. Let's hope they get the help they need from Him(: