"Here is a test to make sure your life is complete, if your not in Renegade it isn't" - Jake Granitewave
"Individually, we are one drop. In Renegade, we are an ocean"- Smartblonde
"When I think of Renegade, only one word comes to mind: Awesome."- Falcon

Renegade FAQ

Just a bunch of Info on Renegade, though it is mostly on our rules


  1. How do I Become a Member?

    a. You can join this site to become a member immediately


    b. Wait 1 month in the guild and have leader recommendation

    Edited March 2012

  2. How do I Become an Officer?

    Please check this thread Lolaya made for details requirements and specifications.

    Click Here

    Edited March 2012

  3. How do I Become a Leader?

    We currently have only 3 Permanent Leaders at a time.

    One of our rules is don't ask to be leader or you won't be one :P

    If you want to be a leader look for information on leader recruiting that would be on the front page*

    *There are requirements

    Edited March 2012

  4. How can I be part of the Renegade Council? (Critic Board+Officers Alliance)

    Just be a Officer in good standing in the guild <Renegade>

    If you are a Officer and you are not in the Council, please contact Lolaya (Me) to be updated on the roster and rank on the site.

    Updated March 2012

  5. How can I be made a Moderator?

    You have to be a Officer of our Guild <Renegade>

    Moderator is the rank that will let you act to keep the site safe and orderly. For example if someone is being very insulting a Moderator can close that thread or delete it to keep from people seeing it or being exposed to the hurtful content.

    Edited March 2012

  6. When does the Guild Promote People?

    Except for special circumstances, Renegade only promotes officers when the Officer Cap number is lower then the general amount of 10 (Used to be 15).

    Members are promoted when the requirements are fulfilled. (See FAQ above for more details)

    The current cap is at 10 Officers

    80% of the time we vote for our next Officers at Officer Meetings.

    Updated March 2012

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  1. What can I do that will get me Demoted or Deleted?

    There are many ways to be demoted, here are all of them as of now...

     If you are a Recruit, being more than 1 weeks offline without giving notice you are kicked, especially if we need more room.

     Going 2 weeks offline if you are a Member without giving notice you are kicked if we need room.

     Officers get demoted after 1-2 month if they did not give notice to anyone, after demotion, They are kicked 2 weeks after not logging on.

     Causing drama in the guild such as fights may get you a warning/demotion. Repeated offenses can get you kicked.

     If you're an Officer and you're demoting people, you will be demoted. If you are deleting people or making people Officers you will be kicked.


     If you are found to be cheating at one of our events, or anything like cheating on purpose then you will be given a warning, then demoted, then kicked, depending on past offense and extremity.

     If you are swearing (Major Swears) or spamming, especially on the guild chat you will be demoted without first warning, 2nd warning you are kicked

    Please follow the Renegade Rules here as they apply as well:

    I reserve the right to change or modify any of these rules at any time without warning, according to our Terms of Service.

    Updated March 2012

  2. What Will Happen if I Leave the Guild?

    If you leave the guild for 1 week and you join back, if we have room you are automatically given back your original rank. If you leave for more than 2 weeks then you will have to start the promotion process all over again.

          Some people get promoted fast because we notice the hard work they are doing. Time isn't the most important requirement . It is mostly your quality and quantity of effort into the guild. Filling out an officer application can speed things up and is required.

    Click Here for a guide on how to be promoted and noticed in the guild quickly!

    Promotions upon return are dealt with on a case to case basis.

    Updated March 2012

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General Guild Info

  1. What do I do if I have a Complaint?

    If you have a complaint with anything or anybody, you are welcomed to use the forums under Comments, though it can be under General Chat or Help. The best thing to do is to get your problem solved by a leader. Another tip is to not make a fight or drama out of it.

    A private and anonymous (If you prefer) way is to fill out the Complaint Form here, Click Here! and send it.

    It is a page where you fill a form out and after you press send I get it. Once again if you want to stay anonymous just fill out a random name. Please do not impersonate, as will lead to an automatic kick from the Guild.

    Edited March 2012

  2. Where and What is the Guild House?

    We currently have the Guild Headquarters at Lolayas Snowhill Guild Lot. It has a chapel, A small obstacle course, a Meeting Room (Officers Only), a bounce house, a party room,  a Renegade Sign,  a Mcdonalds, 3 dance floors, a ferris wheel, Pool,  and 2 secret rooms only for leaders.

    The Official Runway of Renegade is at Nicole Glitterpeak's Snowhill Lot!

    1 of the many Official Obstacle Courses is at Nicole Glitterpeak's Small Wilds House!

    Here are the requirements for having a Guild Sub division at your house:

    Must have a Renegade Sign

    Must not be repeated (1 house per sub division per person per acount)

    You must be a member or above

    Must be approved by Lolaya

    Updated March 2012

  3. What are our Guild Events?

    This guild usually does 2 minor events every month while having 1 major event. (Can change on a monthly basis)

    So far we have done duel tournaments, capture the flag, paintball, Guild Olympics, Fashion shows, Speed combat, Cluck a Chicken, Climb the Christmas Tree, Site Contests, Racing Tournies and ALOT of Parties.

    The turn outs of these events can be fantastic, though how good they are usually depends on how many people show up, and though these events aren't mandatory, we encourage you to come and ask that if you sign up that your coming that you do come or give us notice if you find out you can't.

    The events most of the time have prizes, sometimes are just for fun, you will have to listen to our news, guild chat, and forums to find out. The rules are listed on our Renegade Events page.

    Remember almost at every event we have great giveaways with prizes that have already been given out, (SC Card Codes, Multitude of Coins, VRS, and much much more!)

    Also be sure to check the Calendar for any other events or Player made events that people have made or are hosting.

    This month (June 2011) there will be a TCG Tourney, Soccer Tourney and possibly a Fashion Show!

    In August 2011 we are planning a Conjoined Guild Event with Imperious!

    Always make sure to check the front page/News to be updated on Renegade and our events!

    Updated June 2011
  4. Who are our Ally Guilds?

    Renegade right now has 3 ally guilds, Double Trouble, Arathi, and Dynasty.

    Right now being allied means joint events, and hopefully friendly interactions.

    Recently with Mystic Mayhem we had a joint event that was very successful! We hope to do more in the future.

    Updated August 2012

  5. What is the Officers Alliance?

    The Officers Alliance is just the name of the whole bracket of Officer-Only Forums (Officer Alliance + Renegade Critic Board + ).

    These forums decide major decisions the guild is going to do like promoting Officers, site changes and idea implementations.

    We usually talk it out in the forums posted with OA in front of their title and take votes. The max number of people allowed in the Council is the number of current Officers in the guild as who ever is Officer gains this rank and privilege.

    If you are a Officer please post whenever it says RC before the title of the thread as much as possible! I would rather have you guys post there as they are more Guild-Oriented then anywhere else! on the site.

    Updated March 2012
  6. What is our Renegade Bank Balance?

    Our current Renegade Bank Balance is:

    1,439,873 Free Realms™ Coins

    Updated March 2012

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Officer Rules

  1. What are the Rules of Being an Officer?

    1. Officers have to help other people if they are able to or have information that can help them. Members should also do this (Especially if running for Officer).

    2. Officers can not delete anybody in the guild, even recruits, especially if no leaders are online, if anybody sees this happening,  please write down the Officers that were online at the time so we can narrow it down to who did it. You will get a prize if truthful!

    3. Officers also can not make anybody else in the guild an officer, they can ask for their friends to be made one to the leaders and that would help the leaders decision. If found promoting to Officer, you will be demoted or if found doing this 2 times then you will be kicked. If someone says they joined the site and you could trust them for joining (If you have time, please check on Website Members on the site) then you could promote them to Member

    Renegade Rules, Freerealms Rules, and Terms of Service apply

    Updated October 2011

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Renegade History

  1. How did Renegade Come to be?

     Jay Nightblade's old guild was hacked by some officers and  40 people were deleted, he didn't really want to try to get them back so he quit and then went with 2 of my 3 other leaders, Joker24 and Satoshi Steelclaws to make  <Renegade>, with Jay as main leader, followed by Joker, and then Satoshi.

    Renegade was created August 11th 2009

    Then as we grew much larger and more popular we decided to make extension guilds, our first one was <Renegade Force>, led by Joker24, and it become a huge success, then we introduced <Renegade Force II> and <Renegade Force III> led by Rikku and Nick Gomez, We had at least 8 extension guilds like Renegade Knights to , these guilds filled up quickly but were never really that popular and eventually failed.

    As the guilds become more diverse they couldn't really communicate between them (we didn't have this website). So they failed as a way of miscommunication and they lost many of our members they had over in the other guilds.

    Then much later, Jay Nightblade started sports season during school and couldn't get online much, Renegade had a huge debate and finally decided Renegade would have a new leader  as Satoshi just was not online enough to help, Jay demoted him and the people wanted Lolaya to be leader and he was the best officer of the time, So Renegade chose him and also installed our Renegade council to help us. Sometime around this one of our officers, royos phantomsong made a website for us, one that eventually we left and came to this one that Jay made.

    Then Sleepy1 (Joker 24) eventually came back to our guild, and already proving himself 3 out of 3 times of being a great leader (he did Renegade, Renegade Force, and Emperial), Jay made him a leader shortly, also at that time promoting Zoe Tinyfoot, a very faithful and helpful officer in our guild, to leader as we previously had 3 guy leaders and no girl leaders. She left with Jay

            Jay soon after demoted joker as people wanted him to learn about Renegade before being leader. Joker left as he couldnt be patient, and Kyle Icethrone soon after that became leader. Jay, a week after making Kyle a leader left to make a new guild called  <Crusaders>. Some people left with him but Renegade is still really good right now. After Kylie Icethrone1 left we promoted Zoey Applewick, she soon after left and we had a poll which made Jake Granitewave1 leader very close with Shadow Kevin as second. Jake won and after we had another poll with Scratchy as new leader.

    Later on the Officers decided we needed a new leader. We made a poll and Issildia Nevar won with Miles Emeraldblade coming close in 2nd. Issildia Nevar is now leader and is doing a great job. She has reduced the drama, Kept the guild under control, and has had some great ideas.

    Me (Lolaya) noticed Scratchy wasnt on for 3 weeks! As leaders we decided maybe that we should talk to him and see why he hasnt been on. We learned that Scratchy quit and I made him a Life time member as an Ex leader

    I soon learned that Jake quit too. I demoted him to member as Life time member as an Ex leader and talked to him.

    As of this time I made a temporary leader idea. Mostly until Nevar starts to get on more from her busy schedule (If she does). I will pick 2 Trusted officers to replace the 2 temporary leaders at the time when i feel neccesary.

    Jake has come back and was Officer for some time after a minor drama event, I made him leader.

    In April 2011 we had another leader election, and Hotwings won. Shadow Kevin was demoted from Temp. Leader to Officer, then Officer to Guild Event coordinator

    Hotwings became leader, and helped the guild with economic benefits and great ideas! After about 3 months of leadership he quit. He is still very active with the guild and still likes to hang out with us.

    At the beginning of July, Lolaya went on a 1 month vacation to Colombia and promoted Raven Moontrekker to help Jake Granitewave while he was gone.

    In October 2011, Renegade had a joint event with Mystic Mayhem. We hope to do more in the future.

    The end of June a hacker somehow hacked into Lolaya. Nothing was removed or destroyed but for precautions, Lolaya was demoted to member. After a withstanding battle with the hacker... the account was finally secured. During that conflict, Jezzi Jumbleboots was promoted to leader for guild safekeeping. Jezzi has previously said that she never wanted to be leader, but she was fine with being temporary to help out guild.

    As of the end of July 2012, Jake Granitewave left the guild as he felt he could not help the guild any further.  Jezzi Jumbleboots who was temporary leader with reason above... became Trial Leader. If she wants to continue after the trial, she is welcome to do so.

    So far the Temp. Leaders have been:

    Raven Moontrekker

    Shadow Kevin

    Miles Emeraldblade

    Kimberly Emeraldblade

    Jezzi Jumbleboots (Now Trial Leader)

    The Current Permanent leaders in order of most time in the guild (most to least)


    Raven Moontrekker

    Jezzi Jumbleboots

    This 2012 summer is bringing events and contests weekly to Renegade. Check the front page regularly to stay up to date!

    Updated August 2012

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  1. What is the Current Members Listing?

    That is basically a roster of the guild, also giving you info on each person.

    We currently took this feature down for updates and expansion. Look out for it real soon!

    Minorly Edited October 2011

  2. What is Honorable Members of the Month?

    We do have a Member of the Month contest each month, which has a prize of 10k and their name in Renegade's history.

      The winners are the people that have helped out the guild the most or in the biggest way that month, and if you think you should be one then you can't just help out yourself or other people in the guild (though that helps a lot), go above and beyond by spreading our name on the, the Official Forums, or Transform the guild by bringing in great friends that don't cause drama and are online often or making the ones that are in the guild feel welcomed.

    The Honorable Members of the Month feature was updated at the beginning of a new month, but featuring the members of the month of the month before. Now starting in March 2011, it will always be updated at the beginning of the month for that current month.

    Minorly Edited March 2012

  3. What is the Guild Chat?

    We have a guild chat that anybody can join, it is a great place to chat with no filter. There is a tab in it called Renegade Alliances, it is a chat that is connected to all our ally websites so we can all chat on the same chat if we want.

    Remember that all Renegade rules apply and to be friendly.

    If you feel that your safety is a concern and that some people are being innapropriate please contact any Leader or send out a Complaint Form.

    We Currently have 3 chats on the site.

    Names Links and Use of Them:

    Meebo Chat- A chat for one on one chatting

    Tinychat Voice Chat- A chat where camera chat and voice chat is available

    Side Chat/Xat Chat- A cool "Guild Chat' but without filters. Also has Ally Guilds on there

    Minorly Edited March 2012

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